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May 23, 2024

There would be nothing that the human imagination could imagine that could not be put into practice

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Enjoy erotic performances, stunning music, exquisite delicacies, private rooms and much more... This artistic and erotic mystery, based on the most sexual traditions of ancient Greece, includes a maze of ethereal settings and phenomenal performances.

Next MANOIR Soirée will take place in Cyprus on May 23d at 21:00. The location of the sacrament will be revealed 2 hours in advance.

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This time, MANOIR Devotees will appear before you as dazzlingly beautiful ancient Greek deities and demigods, as well as terrifyingly attractive mythical creatures.

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May 23, 2024

Get your night off to a great start by donning a mask and our Loyals and Devotees will simultaneously arouse and unburden you, because MANOIR is designed to tantalize your mind and senses, creating euphoric relaxation...

Luxurious, wildly erotic, pleasantly playful, the first MANOIR Soirée will be the most thrilling and surreal immersive feast of your life.

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Manoir soirées cultivate our connections with like-minded people, bring meaning to each other's lives, and help us discover the world together. The warmth and laughter that authentic Manoir evenings bring are sure to help us cope with life's chaos.


Manoir encourages creating connections with the world on your own terms, confidently freeing you from inner chains, including the habits or addictions of the modern world.


Manoir calls us to challenge these chains. We know that while life can be harsh, it can and should be enjoyable, and communicating with others during immersive soirées will help find a higher bliss through a shared sense of euphoria, harmony and hope.

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May 23, 2024



Slip on your mask and join the feast, where pleasure is the supreme blessing.

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